Letter: Still Some Christians Left

Still Some Christians Left

To the Editor:

C’mon, Willem, quit kicking us when we’re down (“You Can Learn a Lot, or Nothing, by Logging On to Social Media,” Feb. 19). There are still a few of us Christians left out here in Vermont and New Hampshire. You sound almost ecstatic that Vermont is the most non-religious state. What an honor!

You must be aware, though, that Vermont has a myriad of problems (call them moral if you want). For example, heroin use as reported in the Valley News. I suppose you think that marijuana stores might help instead of exacerbating the problem. Not likely. Welcome now organized crime.

Having served as a community leader, chaplain for six years at the Vermont State Prison and then 13 years at the VA hospital, I feel I know a little about underlying issues here.

It seems to bother you that, as Christians, we like to contribute to the social conversation. Free speech!

You won’t have to deal with me much longer since I am pushing 86 years, but I am still deeply concerned for the future of these two great and beautiful states.

By the way, your history lesson left Abraham Lincoln’s addresses out. God was a frequent visitor to his speeches and inaugurations.

In the meantime, Go, Red Sox.

Warren C. Biebel