Letter: Burton Family Endorses Mike Cryans

Burton Family Endorses Cryans

To the Editor:

With the passing of our brother Ray Burton in November, District One and the state of New Hampshire lost its most vocal and well-respected advocate. We believe that Mike Cryans would be an excellent executive councilor for District One. He will, like Ray, make sure Concord remembers to “look north” and address the needs and concerns of his constituents.

When our mother was a resident at Grafton County Nursing Home for six years, we saw from personal experience Mike’s concern for the residents as he attended many of their family functions, and spent time talking and listening to them.

Mike served side by side with Ray for 16 years as a county commissioner and understands Ray’s philosophy when it came to working on behalf of the North Country residents. During these 16 years, Mike and Ray worked together to move Grafton County forward, never letting partisan differences stand in the way of helping those who were in need.

Ray served the people of District 1 for 35 years. He will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to the needs of his constituents. There is little doubt that Ray left big shoes for the next executive councilor to fill. Mike knows no one can fill Ray’s shoes; however, he will do the best he can for District 1 and the state.

For our brother, public service was never about partisan politics. That is why we are endorsing Mike, who will share those values we always admired in Ray — service above politics.

Joan Day


Steve Burton


Mary Grimes