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Letter: No One Answered

To the Editor:

I have a different squeak or squawk (Forum, Feb. 18) about the telephones at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

A few months ago, I had an appointment at the Heater Road location. Although I had been there once before, I had forgotten and went instead to the main hospital building, to the location where the office used to be. When I discovered my mistake, the folks at the hospital made a series of valiant efforts to reach someone in the department at Heater Road so I could let them know I was on my way. No luck. Answering machines at all numbers. Even the receptionist didn’t answer the phone.

I also tried to call the person with whom I had the appointment only to discover that the phone number that appeared on my phone was not her phone number. I’m told now that that’s true for most calls from the hospital.

So, I got there and the receptionist informed me that the person I had the appointment with had stepped out because she thought I wasn’t coming, and I would have to make another appointment. No one had taken the messages to know I would be there shortly. Clearly, answering machines aren’t a solution if they are not monitored frequently enough.

Blakeney Bartlett