Letter: Classical Music Is Fading

To the Editor:

I’m a fan of classical music: I write it, I play it, I listen to it, and I would eat it if I could. That said, I’m afraid that Mark Vanhoenacker (“Requiem for Classical Music?” Jan. 23) is correct: Fewer and fewer people listen to this music (less than 1 percent of iTunes downloads; 23 radio stations in the Upper Valley playing pop, rock, oldies, country, Christian, etc.; and one devoted to classical music). The causes include a cultural shift (not a statement of status or educational background), the remarkable growth of visual entertainment, the availability of any kind of music via the Internet, our busy lives (few people have 90 minutes to listen to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony). Few people have ever heard a live orchestra. Classical music will survive in the same way older paintings remain objects of curiosity in art museums for generations.

Jon Appleton

White River Junction