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Letter: Bloomberg News Attacks Dartmouth

To the Editor:

The article “Fewer Apply to Dartmouth” (front page, Feb. 12), which somehow equated sexual harassment on campus with low application rates at Dartmouth, was a real hatchet job from Bloomberg News. It’s painfully obvious that the news service’s intent was to kick Dartmouth around. Not that Dartmouth needs help defending itself, but this was such a blatant, bizarre, backdoor attack. Obviously no one should allow sexual harassment under any circumstances, but this really smelled of statistical “freakonomics” to try to validate a hidden agenda.

Not surprisingly, the story buried at the end the fact that Dartmouth no longer accepts Advanced Placement credits for potential applicants. And the reality is this: for high-achieving students, who are determined to go to the best schools by grinding through AP classes, one can easily see why they would delete Dartmouth from their list of electronic applications. The story also thought it unimportant to mention that applications to the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth for 2014 have risen 27 percent since last year. That represents 5,241 applications from prospective students vying for fewer than 90 seats. So despite assertions about sexual harassment driving down applications at Dartmouth, maybe the smartest students know something Bloomberg News doesn’t.

Bob Sherman