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Letter: Kenney’s Views on Women’s Health Care

To the Editor:

Two years ago, Republicans faced a massive backlash after opting to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and deny more than 15,000 New Hampshire women critical health-care services. These services included birth control, cancer screenings and maternal care. If elected executive councilor, Republican candidate Joe Kenney could vote to deny a contract — even if the Planned Parenthood were the winning bidder.

In the state Senate, Kenney was a reliable vote for the radical right and against health services for New Hampshire women. He even voted to defund Planned Parenthood, which would have cut off access to critical health services for thousands of Granite Staters.

But today, Executive Council candidate Joe Kenney is trying to hide opposition to responsible family planning funding because he knows how out of touch his radical ideology is with the people of New Hampshire. Kenney pledged to the right-wing Right to Life organization that he would do “whatever I can within the power of my office” to stop a woman’s right to choose, preventing her from making her own decisions about her body.

Unlike Joe Kenney, Democrat Mike Cryans’ views on Planned Parenthood and women’s health care are clear as day. Mike Cryans has pledged to stand up for women’s health care like his friend, Republican Ray Burton, before him.

Joe Kenney and his Tea Party ideology are wrong for women, wrong for working families and wrong for northern New Hampshire. On March 11, voters in District 1 should stand with someone whom they can trust, someone who isn’t afraid to show voters where he stands on the issues.

I have known Mike Cryans for 32 years as a friend and county commissioner who has fought for all citizens of Grafton County. I know Mike will honor the rights of women and their families. He will be our best choice for the Executive Council. He cares about all of us. I urge voters to please vote on March 11 for Mike Cryans for Executive Council.

Rep. Sharon Nordgren

Grafton District 12

Hanover and Lyme