Letter: Vote Down the Free Staters

To the Editor:

It was clear at the Grafton deliberative session last Saturday that the vast majority of townsfolk were thoroughly disgusted with the shamelessly obstructionist attitude the Free Staters took, which is what they always do because of their lack of a more productive and respectful pastime. Sunday’s newspaper article did not sufficiently expose them as the very small minority of out-of-state fringe tax evaders they truly are. Most of them, even some who actually own land in town, refuse to pay property taxes; those who do pay, cram a gazillion people onto one property with the express intent of not paying taxes. Some of them register their vehicles through a fake business in Wisconsin so as to avoid state inspection, other residency requirements, etc. Some of them live full-time in Florida yet somehow are registered to vote in Grafton. The bottom line is: They are not even willing to fully commit to living here!

The legitimate taxpaying townsfolk are sick of having to waste an entire day (and more) bickering with people who don’t pay taxes and don’t even really live here. The idea that we can expect the best decisions to be made for the town regardless of attendance has disintegrated. Every single warrant article was hacked apart to try to get residents to become fed up and leave, so the Free Staters might gain a majority. One of our selectmen warned us of their delay tactics. We had to vote to disallow reconsideration on each article lest the Free Staters bring the articles back up after everyone had left. This time the Free Staters did not get their way.

We should continue to push against them. One way to help ruin their ambition is to vote for the new Mascoma High School project. Not only would this be excellent for attracting good teachers and intelligent people to the area, but it would also spit in the face of the Free Staters’ anti-education mentality. Finally, keep an eye on the ballot for their junk. You will see many sneaky warrant articles that have nothing to do with good old-time New England values. Vote them down.

Angus Gorman