Letter: Support Early Educators in Vermont

To the Editor:

Vermont’s early educators play an increasingly important role in helping families balance work and personal responsibilities by providing quality child care so that Vermont families can work and earn a living. They provide quality learning experiences for children at the very youngest ages and they help prepare children for success in school.

These workers, mostly women, deserve a collective voice and a collective seat at the table. The early educators bill, S. 316, will give them the right to organize. If this bill passes, the next step would be to give them choices for collective bargaining in a union.

As a union member they would have opportunities to work together and earn a sustainable living wage.

Vermont Early Educators United is working on the bill. More information may be found at www.kidscountonme.org/.

Please join me in support of the early educators bill, S. 316. and ask your legislators to support the bill as well.

Sharon Racusin