Letter: Hanover’s Strong Strings Tradition

To the Editor:

It was interesting to read David Sices’ Jan. 29 letter headlined “Hanover Produces Fine Cellists” in response to a Jan. 18 Valley News feature article about the young Upper Valley cellist Daniel Lelchuck, who acquired some of my sheet music after I retired from the world of musical performance. Sices mentions other cellists who attended Hanover High School and noted that, “The cello flourished in Hanover during the years that Norman Fischer . . . was cellist of Dartmouth’s resident Concord Quartet and taught many students both at the college and in the area.” Indeed, Norman is a marvelous cellist. It is always a pleasure to hear him perform in our summer concert series.

As one of the first string players to graduate from Hanover High (and its first cellist), I am indebted to Helen Goodwin, who began Hanover’s string program in the 1950s. She was a highly respected teacher who expanded the string program to include an impressive number of young players, which continues today.

Miss Goodwin also directed the high school chorus, prepared students for All-State auditions and passed us along to appropriate private teachers. She understood the importance of ensemble performance for motivating young people and taught them the tools to be competitive. Without her dedication, many of us would not have been introduced to the joy of making music nor have been inspired to become professional musicians.

Fern Meyers

Concert series director

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site