Letter: Veteran Adoption Project Progresses

To the Editor:

Many people have been asking how the Civil War Veteran Adoption Project is progressing. I am very pleased with the project’s progress. The businesses, organizatons and individuals who have adopted thus far are too numerous to list here. There are still a tremendous amount of Civil War soldiers in need of a marker. Many of these names are old Lebanon names: Daniels, Densmore, Emerson, Perkins, Manchester, Gates, Landers, Bassett, Benson, Carlisle, Comings, Cowen, Clark, Dewey, Spencer, Slayton, Carter and many more familiar names. The Adoption List has 99 names on it; so far, 27 soldiers have been adopted. We are a quarter of the way there, since we’re only four months into the project, this is very good! The updated list of veterans and those who have adopted them are at: www.feustel.us/genealogy/lebanonNH. If anyone is interested in adopting, I can be contacted through The Lebanon Historical Society website: www.lebanonnhhistory.org.

Thank you to all the businesses, organizations and individuals who have donated to and supported this project.

Fran Hanchett