Letter: Let’s Have More School Choice

To the Editor:

Are you paying attention? South Burlington’s school budget is going up 7 percent. Norwich’s is similar. Other school budgets will also increase. Recently, I learned that the Rivendell Interstate School budget is increasing 1.7 percent. The board is to be congratulated. This is the second year in a row that they have held the line on spending.

The school funding process in Vermont is so complex very few people can understand it. There is talk about fixing the school budget problems in the Legislature. What are the chances that when they get done with the fixes it will only be more complex?

What happens when a business has competition? It looks for cost savings and more efficient ways to do business that makes its product more competitive in the marketplace. So, legislators and Agency of Education and unions, let’s compete. Let’s make it easier for independent and charter schools to exist rather than make it harder. Then, to increase competition even more, allow universal school choice. That would only be fair as towns without schools have choice now. Why shouldn’t all students have choice?

So if you are worried about your property taxes and the cost of education, go to school meetings and speak up. There were only two members of the public at the Rivendell meeting for a school district that spans four towns.

Mary Daly


The writer is finance chairwoman of the Orange County Republican Committee.