Letter: Consider Becoming a Foster Parent

To the Editor:

Foster parents open their hearts and homes to children in need for a few days, weeks, months, years and sometimes a lifetime. They provide the parents with time to focus on themselves and the work they need to do to be able to parent their children safely.

They also help children to heal; accept and nurture children who enter their homes; make it possible for children to remain in their communities and schools; work with and support the children’s parents; and support the efforts to reunite children with their parents. Some foster parents provide emergency homes for children with little advance notice; help prepare older adolescents for the day they will be on their own and living independently; provide specialized care for children who have special needs that require a high level of supervision and more sophisticated intervention strategies.

For more information about becoming a foster parent or respite provider, please contact Deanna Rounds, resource coordinator, Hartford DCF-Family Services, White River Jct., Vt. or call 802-295-8840.

Deanna Rounds

Resource Coordinator. Hartford DCF – Family Services

White River Junction