Letter: Be Fair to Israel

To the Editor:

In response to Curt Peterson’s letter Jan. 5 (“Applaud the Boycott of Israel”), in regard to Israel’s lack of willingness to respect human rights in the area, it seems necessary to remind him and other readers that Israel’s neighbors are committed to “wiping Israel off the face of the Earth.” I wonder if Peterson thinks that this statement is in itself a violation of human rights. I agree with Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon, who thinks the American Studies Association boycott of Israeli academic institutions, and those colleges that have joined the boycott, is “no progress.” Those of us who are fearful of the Middle East conflict as a possible precursor of another world war, ask for some fairness in this discussion.

Barbara Taylor



Letter: Applaud the Boycott of Israel

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To the Editor: In her “Boycott of Israel Defies Logic, Morality,” Frida Ghitis fails to identify just what the American Scholars Association (ASA) “boycott of Israeli universities” means. In “Hanlon: Israeli Academics Boycott Wrong,” Valley News reporter Jon Wolper does the same. To me this is basic information necessary to understand the issue. Here’s what Inside Higher Ed reported recently: …