Maureen H. Casey

Hartland Four Corners, Vt. — Maureen H. Casey, founder and originator of the Tavern in Hartland Four Corners, died Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, at 9:54 p.m. of respiratory failure at Mount Ascutney Hospice in Windsor, Vt. after a long battle with COPD, a chronic debilitating and irreversible disease virtually 100% of which is caused by smoking.

Maureen was born in New Haven, Conn. Oct. 28, 1942. She was an interior designer graduated from the Pair School of Art in New Haven and a legendary cook in her three restaurants, starting with the Tavern in Hartland Four Corners in 1968 and ending with her art gallery and restaurant this Griffin in Matlacha, Fla. which was closed in 2006 so she could care for her 100 year old mother.

Maureen AKA Mo was a local treasure known by all in Hartland Four Corners and loving friend of many. Mo as she was known was loved for her dry wit and glorious sense of humor.

Maureen was a painter, poet and gardener who was seen as from the spring thaw on constantly crawling around tending her lovely garden at 11 Brownsville Road, Hartland Four Corners which is directly across the street from her beloved Tavern which was Casey‘s Tavern in her ownership and is now the Skunk Hollow Tavern now owned by her dear friends of the Ocassio-Schmertz family.

Mo is survived by her husband, Jack; her sister, Barbara Murphy; and her now 103 year old mother, Lillian Howard both of Hamden Conn.; her stepdaughters, Colleen Casey, Eileen Casey and Theresa Culmone of North Haven and Northford Conn.; her nephews, Peter Murphy of Sharon, Vt., Thomas Murphy of Hamden, Conn., Christopher Murphy of Burlington, Conn.; nieces, Katy and Margaret Murphy of Guilford and New London, Conn. and a host of grand-nieces and nephews.

Her wit and brilliant smile that cast a brilliant light where ever she happened to be standing will be sorely missed by all those who had the good fortune to count her among their friends. That light that seemed to always surround her and her many kindnesses, the happy laughter that followed in her wake and the sage advise she gave to those who sought her out for it will be sorely missed. A bright light has gone out in the little universe of Hartland Four Corners but the ember that it left will warm all those who knew and loved her as long as Maureen’s memory remains.

If you wish to commemorate Maureen’s passing with a gift please make a gift in her memory to the