Windsor Town Meeting 2014 Results


Number of Voters: 504

Number on Checklist: 2,944

Town Moderator: Kate Williams

Selectboard 3 yrs: Jeff White

Selectboard 2 yrs: Justin Ciccarelli

School Board 3 yrs: Amy McMullen

Schools Board 2 yrs: Randall Rupp

School Board 2 yrs: Sherrie Greeley

School Moderator: Kate Williams

Lister: Marianne A. Blake

Trustee of Public Funds 3 yrs: Deb Oulette

Trustee of Public Funds 2 yrs: Pending

Trustee of Public Funds 1 yrs: Pending


Windsor Budgets Pass; Ciccarelli Wins

Friday, February 21, 2014

Windsor — Former Selectman Justin Ciccarelli, who left the board last year when he briefly moved out of town, won back a seat in Tuesday’s Town Meeting vote. Ciccarelli received 192 votes, with Mike McNaughton getting 155 and Thomas Dunn 114 for the three-year seat that was held by longtime Selectman John Tansey, who did not seek re-election. Voters overwhelmingly …