Hanover School District 2014 Results

Hanover School District

Number of Voters: 795

Number on Checklist: 9,035

District Moderator: Michael B. Mayor

District Clerk: Anne G. Chamberlin

District Treasurer: William B. Brown

School Board 3 yrs: Alisa J. Brisson

School Board 3 yrs: Mimi M. Lichtenstein

School Board 3 yrs: Leah J. Wheelan


Ray School Project Passes

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hanover — A $5.8 million bond to pay for renovating the Ray Elementary School passed with 72.4 percent of voters in support. The bond required a two-thirds, or 66 percent, majority to pass, and it handily did so by a vote of 570-217. The renovation will fix a leaky roof, improve heating and ventilation, reconfigure the parking lot, replace two …