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Letter: An Outrage at Dartmouth

To the Editor:

Hurrah! I totally appreciated the article by Randall Balmer in the Perspectives section of the Sept. 29 Sunday Valley News. I have no connection with Dartmouth, Malawi or Episcopalians, but that outrageous situation with Bishop Tengatenga has greatly disturbed me. The “powers that be” at Dartmouth do seem to have a very limited understanding of the meaning of the word “diversity.” According to my dictionary, “diversity” is having the quality of being diverse, which means: “1. differing from one another, unlike; 2. composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities.”

Barbara Condict



Column: Diversity Has Its Limits at Dartmouth

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hanover James Tengatenga, the Anglican bishop of Southern Malawi, will not be the next chaplain and dean of the Tucker Foundation at Dartmouth College; an appointment was offered and then later rescinded this summer. What does this unfortunate episode tell us about the limits of diversity at an elite liberal arts college? When the provost’s office asked me to serve …