Letter: Blatant Lack of Decency

To the Editor:

Your blatant lack of decency was featured in a front-page photograph on May 17 taken by Sarah Priestap. It depicted the daughters of Norma Sawyer at the scene of the accident in which their mother was killed. They were hearing those most dreaded words coming from Greg Camp of Cabot’s Funeral Home. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why Cabot’s was on scene, so for your photographer to capture a moment like this was unconscionable, at best. Following Priestap’s lack of common, human decency at the scene, you then chose to print the photograph. Your paper owes these women an apology for your total disregard for each of them and their respective families. I, for one, want these women to know that those of us who know them are both disgusted and sorry for the Valley News’ lack of decency.

Linda G. Caruso



Another Route 4 Tragedy: Bridgewater Woman, 84, Is Fourth to Die on Road Since March

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Woodstock — A Bridgewater woman died yesterday morning after the sedan she was driving collided with a box truck on Route 4. It was the third fatal accident on that road in Woodstock and Hartford this year. Norma Sawyer, 84, was pronounced dead at the scene . Her death came one day after the fire chiefs of Woodstock and Hartford …