Letter: Armenians Didn’t ‘Choose to Move’

To the Editor:

Every once in awhile something appears in print that is truly asinine. I’m referring to The Associated Press travel article titled “Take a Stroll in These Istanbul Neighborhoods.” which appeared in May 4. While exalting the virtues of Istanbul’s Balat district, author Sisi Tang writes the following:

“The Balat district is a quiet historic area by the Golden Horn, the narrowest stretch of the Bosporus. Its twisting streets and weathered houses, like antiques in an open museum, echo a past occupied by waves of Jewish, Greek, Bulgarian and Armenian residents. These ethnic groups were forced out or chose to move in response to political events or socioeconomic conditions at various points in the 20th century, and the area is now home mainly to working-class Turks from Black Sea towns and Central Anatolia.”

Chose to move? What she’s referring to is the first genocide of the 20th century perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks beginning on April 24, 1915. One and one half million Armenians were victims of indescribable cruelties, rape and murder. Proportionally this genocide devastated a greater percentage of the Armenian population living in Turkey than Jews during the Jewish Holocaust.

I suggest that Ms. Tang check her historical facts.

James Kachadorian