David Henry Hall

Windsor, Vt. — David Hall – Barn Stormer, Lion Tamer, Forward Observer - Sergeant - 3rd Infantry, 20 year Wall Street lawyer, and Antique Dealer, passed away uncharacteristically quietly in his sleep on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. A Green Mountain boy, whose ancestors ran with Ethan Allen, David was always proud of his Vermont heritage.

David was predeceased by his father, Henry “Hurricane” Hall who famously fought through the Hurricane of 38’ to deliver eggs, and his mother, Elizabeth who raised a houseful of rambunctious yet respective children. David was narrowly beaten to the finish line by his brother Douglas, beatnik poet laureate aka “Buster Nibbles”, and his sister Carol of the Midwestern Cogan Clan.

He is survived by his brother, Mickey; his son, Ransom Fletcher Hall who lovingly carries his father’s torch for the eccentric; his daughter, Christianne Kerstin Lind who kept (and keeps) all the boys in line with her famous Saturday blueberry pancakes; his adopted son, Carl Gunnar Gillberg aka “Carlo”; a flock of nephews and nieces; three grandsons; and two ex-wives (nearly three).

Bumper the Basset Hound and Uncle Bongo served as the honorary welcoming committee to the hereafter. Though he was awarded many nicknames including Dat, Dastardly Dave, Massa, and Universal Dave, he will always be remembered most affectionately as Dad. We love you and will miss you always.

In keeping with his wishes, a most unconventional memorial service/party will be held at the White Horse Antiques in Quogue, Long Island this summer.