Letter: Dangerous Ice Jam in Cornish

To the Editor:

I would like to know if anyone besides me is worried about the big ice jam on the Connecticut River in the Windsor/Cornish area? This is one of the worst jams I have seen in my years. I fear for innocent unsuspecting motorists traveling 12A should they be caught there as the ice moves, as I’m sure ice will go over the road. Also how many on Jarvis Street know the water comes in from the old Cone plant and down Central Street before it goes over the bank? I haven’t sensed much town interest. Guess all the old people are gone and it seems no one cares too much about the possibility of danger. Who is monitoring this situation?

Nancy Lawrence



Warily Watching the River Flow

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cornish — Neighbors and emergency officials are keeping a watchful eye on the Connecticut River near the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, where long-time residents say ice jams recently reached their highest level in years, maybe decades. “Man, it’s getting high up there!” West Windsor resident Mike Allen recalled remarking to his wife as they drove over the bridge to 12% Solution …