Letter: Try Some Winter Upkeep, Hartland

To the Editor:

It’s nice that Hartland is willing to spend $340,000 on fixing the Three Corners intersection, as that is well overdue. However, I was wondering why it seems like the town spends nothing on winter upkeep of their half of the Hartland/Brownsville Road? When coming or going to the Upper Valley, the interstate, Route 5, Route 12 and the West Windsor half of the Hartland/Brownsville will be either completely dry or at worst a little wet, but the Hartland side is iced over or still covered in snow. For instance, I was on the way home on Dec. 19 and Hartland’s section was so icy that my car slid and spun and there was a truck with a horse trailer off the road, but the rest of my drive was fine. I know salt can be expensive, but is it too much to ask to drop a little sand and maybe plow when it snows?

Justin Clough

West Windsor


Hartland to Move Forward With Intersection Expansion

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hartland — The Three Corners intersection is getting closer to its long-overdo makeover. The Selectboard voted this week to move forward with building a traditional four-way intersection designed to streamline traffic flow. An option to build a roundabout was voted down. The decision to move forward at this time isn’t surprising, said Town Manager Bob Stacey, even though several studies …