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Letter: Where Communities Come Together

To the Editor:

I am writing to acknowledge West Fairlee residents and their efforts and successes in developing community, evidenced by your front-page story on Nov. 26 “Breaking Bread in West Fairlee.” In the past year, West Fairlee has celebrated: this bread oven built by the West Fairlee Church in the village on Route 113; the restoration and reopening of the Community Club House on Bear Notch Road ; and the second annual All Faiths Thanksgiving Service at the West Fairlee Center Church on Middlebrook Road.

Where once these three buildings were active centers for gathering, they began to wane in use with changing community needs (or perceived changes in needs). It is humans who value these places and keep them alive and open, and they, the buildings, should be used by all of us, no matter our faith. The buildings are there because, in truth, we need each other and they provide space to support that need.

I hope all West Fairlee citizens as well as those from neighboring towns look to the Village Church, the Community Club House and the West Fairlee Center Church as places to meet old friends, make new ones, eat pizza, solve problems and celebrate traditions and transitions. We really are much happier when we can gather.

Kudos to West Fairlee!

Deecie Denison