Letter: Cursive Still an Important Skill

To the Editor:

Thank you for the Jan. 28 article (“In Age of Keyboards and Computers, Is Cursive Writing Losing Its Grip?”) on the question of the value of cursive writing in today’s world.

Personally I am concerned that computers, cell phones, etc., are “taking over,” and that current and future generations will not know the joy and beauty of cursive handwriting.

I remember in grade school practicing the Palmer Method of writing in slanted, even letters. It shows that we are educated, and not just automatons holding devices in our hands communicating with the world. W riting personal notes to friends and family is becoming obsolete when, in fact, they are important in conveying our thoughts and caring to others whom we care about.

I do hope that cursive writing and thoughtful writing will make a comeback. Internet research shows that there is an effort to teach good handwriting, which is heartening.

Lorraine Zigman