Letter: The Power of Caring

To the Editor:

Deepest thanks to Rivendell Principal Keri Gelenian for inviting Carmen Tarleton to address students, staff and community about survival and forgiveness (“We Needed Her Strength,” Aug. 29). Thanks to the Valley News for publishing an article about this event. Above all, thank you to Carmen Tarleton, Cassondra Gray and Mariah Gray for finding one another, providing mutual support under heartbreaking circumstances, and appearing in public to demonstrate for others that outcomes from caring and consoling wield more power than any act of violence that humans can conceive.

Carolyn M. Bardos



‘We Needed Her Strength’

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Orford — The admirers lined up to greet Carmen Tarleton, many of them Rivendell Academy students who had just heard her speak inside the school gymnasium. A few touched Tarleton’s scarred arms and shook her hands, thanking her for sharing her story. But one embrace lasted much longer, nearly a full minute. It was between three women who shared the …