N.H. OKs Unity Students in Claremont

Unity — The proposed relocation plan to send Unity students to Claremont this fall while construction of the new elementary school is finished was well received by state education officials, SAU 6 Assistant Superintendent Elaine Arbour said yesterday.

“The State Board of Education was pleased with level of detail,” Arbour said. “The chairman (Thomas Raffio) said it was clearly well thought out and was thorough.”

Officials with Department of Education, which must formally approve the plan, had a similar response, Arbour said.

The only potential concern is whether two classrooms — one at the middle school and one at Disnard Elementary School — will meet the minimum square foot standard and class size standard, Arbour said.

The DOE can issue waivers but if that is not approved, the district can make the necessary modifications to the plan, Arbour said.

“Any revision would be minor. Overall, everyone was pleased with the plan,” she added.

The relocation plan would bus about 75 students in grades K-5 to Disnard and about 30 in grades 6-8 to the middle school. The students would be taught in separate classrooms from Claremont students, except for first grade.

The plan would remain in effect until the end of October, when the new Unity Elementary School is expected to be ready.

At its meeting Tuesday (July 30) the School Board and administration will be ready to answer any questions parents have about the plan.