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Letter: Measure of Gun Lobby’s Power

To the Editor:

The National Rifle Association’s intrusion into the rights of doctors by limiting their ability to gather data about their patients’ gun use (reported in the Dec. 31 Valley News) is unconscionable. That the gun lobby could sneak this provision into Obamacare as well as restrict any National Institutes of Health research into gun use shows the immense control it has over our lives.

The gun lobby restricts any studies that would educate the public about the extent of gun violence in this country and use every trick to prevent any regulation of guns. They certainly deserve the designation “terrorist” organization.

Caroline and Albert Jacobson



NRA’s Sway Even Evident In Health Law

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Washington — The words were tucked deep into the sprawling text of President Obama’s signature health-care overhaul. Under the headline, “Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights,” was a brief provision restricting the ability of doctors to gather data about their patients’ gun use — a largely overlooked but significant challenge to a movement in American medicine to treat firearms as …