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Letter: Complete Distrust of Washington

To the Editor:

At last, your paper carries a story on its front page about an intelligence report on Benghazi (“Report: U.S. Ignored Risk In Benghazi,” Jan. 16).

I watched footage of the terrorist attack on TV in September 2012, and it was clear that it was an organized terrorist attack. Now I learn that the president knew this that very day. Ever since, I have agonized over the duplicity of our government leaders in blaming it on a video “protest” when it was obvious that this was not a “protest.”

It is a mystery to me that any American seeing the scenes could be duped into accepting the repeated claims that it was caused by a video. That event crystalized into my complete distrust of pronouncements dating thereafter from D.C., so add the IRS and now Obamacare to the list.

Marilyn Childs