Letter: Easy Way to Cut Spending

To the Editor:

After reading the Dec. 11 front-page story “Poll: Find a Fiscal Fix, Just Not Any of Those,” I have to ask why they didn’t include in their poll the question: “Would you rather cut the military budget or Medicare/Social Security?” The U.S. military maintains 662 sites in 38 countries, spends about $1 trillion, or 43 percent of the world’s total military spending.

Or maybe phrase it like this: “Would you help solve the budget crunch by spending a little less on bombing and killing in other lands by the military, or plunder the sick and aging at home?” Or something like that.

Keith Merrick

Post Mills


Poll Finds Americans Think Fiscal Cliff Is Serious but Don’t Like the Solutions

Monday, December 10, 2012

Washington ­— Americans clearly want Washington to solve its looming budget crisis, and they clearly reject almost every option to do that, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll. The only option that voters endorse, by a ratio of 3-to-2, is to raise taxes on the wealthy. A majority oppose other often-discussed options, including raising taxes on everyone, cutting Medicaid or …