Letter: The Jodie Rich I Know

To the Editor:

Obviously, staff writer Mark Davis has never met Jodie Rich or spoken to any of the organizations or people she has helped and supported (“Prison Next for Lyme Swindler,” Nov. 29). If he had, he would see what others know about her — that she is good, kind, giving and loving.

Did she make mistakes? Of course, and she is the first one to admit it. We all make errors in judgment as we live our lives. Every penny has been repaid, Verna Rich has forgiven her, and Jodie knows she now must do this final thing — serve her time. Not once has she played the victim, and not once has she played the woe-is-me card. I consider every moment of my friendship with her to be a privilege.

The Valley News has disappointed me. Are you so hard up to sell your newspaper that your organization must resort to sensationalism on the front page? Where has human decency gone to in our society?

Karin Bonnett

East Thetford