Thetford Selectman Turns Back Challenge From Former Police Officer

Thetford — Voters approved the $8 million school budget, 378-183, during Australian ballot voting Tuesday, and also re-elected a Selectboard incumbent to a three-year seat.

John Bacon, a retired pipefitter, defeated a challenge from former part-time patrolman Wayne Briggs, 312-188.

In a race for a two-year School Board seat between electoral newcomers, Lindy Jones prevailed with 276 votes, 30 more than earned by Robert Christensen.

Jones is a 14-year resident whose two children have attended Thetford Elementary and Thetford Academy.

Residents also approved the creation of a public preschool program for the upcoming school year, 419-137, to be funded entirely by grants.

Although spending in the nearly $7,958,000 school budget dropped about $3,000, taxes are expected to rise because of the projected 7 cent increase in the statewide education tax. The rate is expected to go from $1.75 per $100 of assessed valuation to more than $1.87. That equates to about a $300 tax bill increase on a $250,000 property.


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