Letter: How Will Consolidation Work?

To the Editor:

H. 883, the bill on school consolidation, passed the Vermont House, but even the representatives who voted for it don’t seem to be clear on what it really would mean. How would it change the size of Vermont schools? Is it proven that consolidating schools is going to save us money? How is voluntary consolidation different from what we have now? The bill seems to encourage sharing resources, a great idea, but how will it be implemented so that it truly benefits the students? Will somebody have to end up traveling a distance, either the students or the teachers? If so, who will be saving money and who will be spending more of their own money and time?

One thing many people seem to agree on is that the last thing we need is more administrators. But will the extra layers that build up around teaching students be reduced or increased with this bill? Educators get concerned when the issue becomes a compromise to the vital learning that happens between the teacher and the student. This bill seems to be shaping up as another example of just that.

Jennifer Brown