Letter: Cluelessness of a High Order

Cluelessness of a High Order

To the Editor:

As I read my Nov. 7 Valley News, I couldn’t help but be totally amazed at the “cluelessness” of the Sullivan County Republicans, to borrow their term, as to why they lost the election. Well, let me clue you folks in. People such as the very individuals who were interviewed for that story, including Steve Cunningham, Spec Bowers, Tom Howard and yes, even those you didn’t interview, such as Bev Rodeschin, House Speaker Bill O’Brien and others, are so out of touch with reality that any self-respecting moderate Republican has to be ashamed. Wake up, friends! The people of Sullivan County (except for Croydon and Springfield) look as if they are finally learning to stop voting against their own best interests.

New Hampshire Republicans have pushed to: consistently cut social programs at every opportunity; pass laws to extend the death penalty (making it the only state moving backward); slash funding to higher education; support gun legislation that even law enforcement opposes; stifle the rights of unions; ram through the falsely named “right to work “ bill; cut funding to Planned Parenthood; enact voter I.D. laws, pro-Republican redistricting; and disenfranchise groups within their own base, especially women. Gee, did you really think the electorate was that stupid? On top of that, Republicans spent tons of money on negative advertising instead of sending it to somewhere useful, like the Claremont Soup Kitchen where they have to scrimp, save and depend on local donations to feed the needy people of our county.

So, the people of Sullivan County did what any intelligent group of people do — they made the change. The fact that county Republicans are scratching their heads about it and wondering why they lost speaks volumes in itself.

Ingrid Braulini

Springfield, N.H.