Letter: Insightful Articles on Global Campuses

To the Editor:

On behalf of all families in the Upper Valley who have children with some kind of special need — 12 to 15 percent of the population — I would like to express our great appreciation for the two wonderful and insightful articles in the Jan. 26 Sunday Valley News written by Aimee Caruso.

Her article about the Global Campuses program provided a poignant appreciation of the important value of that program in meeting the continuing education needs of young adults with special needs, people who often have difficulty accessing other such services in the area. Her article about the three students really personalized the experiences of these students and “put a face” on this population for the readers.

These Valley News articles did a great service for the families who have a child, younger or older, with any kind of special need. This is a significant but hidden percentage of our population that needs the understanding and support generated by these articles. Thank you, Aimee, and thank you Valley News.

Philip Eller

Executive Director

Special Needs Support Center