Letter: I Took My Job Seriously

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the people who supported me in the town of Pomfret. Thank you for your kind words, phone calls and letters; they really meant a lot to me.

I had the honor and privilege to work for the past seven years with Hazel Harrington, lister, town clerk and assistant treasurer. She is one of a kind and will be dearly missed. I don’t think anyone realizes the impact her retiring will have on this town.

I and others planned a dedication for Hazel at Town Meeting to honor her 40 years of service. I was surprised when I was contacted by Michael Reese and the moderator, who had concerns about my presenting the dedication. They had had calls from people in town who thought it would look like a political move for me to sway votes my way. I let them know the dedication was about Hazel and her 40 years of service; no one can take that away from her. To think it was just about swaying votes is shameful.

Which brings me to the campaign against me. I have no problem campaigning for an elected position, and may the most qualified candidate prevail. I would like to think the people of Pomfret are better than voting on conjecture. To the group that believes I controlled the Selectboard, that is absolutely not true. They should have been at the meetings to see who is controlling whom. You can also listen to the recordings of the Selectboard meetings on the Pomfret website. One of the members of this group said everything in this town is my fault, and I needed to leave. If this is the case, I don’t understand why at the last Selectboard meeting on March 5 (after I was voted out of office), nothing had changed.

I am not sure if the town knows I was called on Tuesday after Town Meeting to help with the transition, which I did. I have no further obligation to the town of Pomfret. I have always acted professionally and took my job seriously.

Once again, I would like to thank the people who supported me.

Lynne A. Leavit