Letter: Argument Crossed the Line

To the Editor:

James L. Mulligan’s Oct. 6 Forum letter makes many points issues with which I disagree. However, that is not the purpose of this letter.

Mulligan refers to conservative Republicans and Tea Party supporters as “tea baggers.” Mulligan ought to be aware that term “tea bagger” is a sexually explicit term; I consider it to be a vulgarity. Do a search on the term and find out for yourselves; I won’t describe it here. It has no place in discourse of any kind.

Mulligan has the right to disagree with conservatives and Tea Party supporters. However, when he uses inappropriate and highly offensive descriptions to insult and demean those with whom he disagrees, he crosses a line that makes the argument unacceptable and irrelevant. And when the Valley News fails to edit out such language, it calls into question its worth as a source for anything.

The Upper Valley deserves better than that.

Alan Tanenbaum


Editor’s Note: The Valley News ’ Forum policy requires that letters be written in good taste. If editors had thought that “tea baggers” had been intended to be used in a vulgar way, they would have edited it out or declined to publish the letter.


Letter: Elections Should Mean Something

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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