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Letter: Cheap Shot at Peter Burling

To the Editor:

In a letter headlined “Shame on You, Peter Hoe Burling,” the writer took a cheap shot at an honorable and respected public servant, retired New Hampshire Sen. Peter Hoe Burling. Burling has nothing to do whatsoever with the Benghazi flap, and Susan Rice is being vilified unjustly over the same issue. The whole thing is a ridiculous and stupid attack on the Obama administration by losing Republican soreheads, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Our nation has many outposts in unstable, unpredictable countries, where violence can flare at any moment. No amount of intelligence can prevent spontaneous or planned events from happening, but it is worth keeping our presence in these places anyway. Blaming people for what happened in Libya is unpatriotic, unproductive and a telltale sign of know-nothingism on the part of these critics.

David Binger