Letter: Mike Cryans for Executive Council

To the Editor:

The entire northern half of the state has a critically important election coming up on Town Meeting Day. We need to elect a new executive councilor to fill the seat formerly held by the fantastic champion of the people in this sprawling district, the late Ray Burton. Mike Cryans is the right candidate for the position. He has been endorsed by Ray’s family and has worked for years alongside Ray. Mike knows the district and has shown his dedication to all the diverse constituencies who make up District 1.

We know how important it is to have an Executive Council that holds the best interests of all New Hampshire residents first and foremost. In the past when the council voted to defund the state’s contract for health services with Planned Parenthood, Burton voted to maintain it and made the right decision for his constituents. Mike Cryans, like his predecessor, would support the Planned Parenthood contract. Candidate Joe Kenney, who as a state senator voted to defund the contract, cannot be counted on to take the best interests of New Hampshire’s residents into account. Rather, Kenney would put extreme ideology ahead of what is best for our health and well being.

It matters very much who is on the Executive Council where many diverse decisions are made that impact us all. Mike Cryans will do the right thing representing all of us in a considered nonpartisan manner, and I encourage everyone to get out and vote for Mike on March 11.

Ruth Cserr