To the Editor:

I was reading Christine MacDonald’s letter defending Malcolm Love in the Oct. 13 Valley News when a quote from Shakespeare came to mind, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Her complete support of Malcolm Love’s tired old rhetoric would be more compelling if she was just one of his minions and not his wife. The ethical thing to do would have been to inform readers of their relationship, as it may well have influenced her position.

I could not care less how she and her spouse acquired their home. Whether they bought it, won it or inherited it is of no concern to me. What does concern me is their desire to see the students of the Mascoma Valley continue to be taught in a high school that is too small.

Their sole purpose for this position is an attempt to control their property taxes.

Make no mistake, this is about their wallets. Check court Docket No. 20453-03PT, (Malcolm S. Love and Christine L. MacDonald vs. Town of Canaan) — an appeal for an abatement of their 2003 assessment. It’s apparent that after this earlier attempt at tax relief failed, they now think they have found another way to do it.

If we follow Love’s convoluted logic of ever-decreasing enrollment, at some point we will have no students, and none of the buildings will be needed.

He completely ignored the variables involved in predicting potential growth in our five towns and is willing to maintain the status quo for the sole purpose of keeping his property taxes from increasing. It’s obvious to me that his concern for money greatly outweighs his concern for community.

Further letters from me on this subject are not necessary because, as I said, neither he, his spouse nor his disciples will ever support this renovation project.

George Caccavaro

Retired business administrator, Mascoma Valley School Regional District



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