Letter: Forgetting the Union

To the Editor:

“Be careful what you wish for in this world, for if you wish hard enough, you are sure to get it.” That was true in 1891, when Atlantic Monthly published it, and even more so today.

About 125,000 Texans recently petitioned the U.S. government on the whitehouse.gov website to withdraw from the union to “create its own new government,” citing abuses of citizen’s rights and failure to promote the beliefs of our founding fathers.

Would states withdraw from the union if they knew they would be refused federal assistance to recover from any future hurricane, flood, fire or disease?

Would they withdraw if they faced an organized crime wave, civil disturbance or act of terrorism, and had no FBI or National Guard to protect them?

How would they fare without federal insurance programs such as Social Security and Medicare?

It’s easy to condemn our federal government and its president, especially when he is viewed as “un-American.” What could have been more un-American than waging a war on foreign soil and delaying payment for it until the next generation, as we witnessed in the previous administration?

In Texas there is a growing movement to remember the Alamo but forget the union. Despite declining educational scores for its children and declining health standards for its citizens, those who support the Affordable Care Act are described by Sen. Ted Cruz as akin to “Nazi appeasers.”

Cruz would do well to learn the lesson of Green Eggs and Ham that he read on the Senate floor in support of the government shutdown. Dr. Seuss wrote not only a clever children’s story, he wrote a parable for our times.

Don McCabe