Letter: Send Humanitarian Aid Only

To the Editor:

I am just one citizen, but there are many thousands like me who are against any kind of military strike against Syria that is not done under the auspices of the United Nations. I believe the real question is, do we, the American people, want to be the policemen of the world? I do not.

Our country has been consumed by the military-industrial complex. I believe this has to stop. We spend all our blood and treasure on military hardware and killing instead of spending it, as Europe usually does, on education and health care for people. Everyone will hate us and try to kill us — and, in any case, we don’t really have any good side to support.

This is a civil, religious war. It is terrible, just as our civil war was terrible. I don’t think we should support either side in any way, militarily. What I think we should do is help people trying to escape from the mayhem. I think we should let the countries near Syria deal with this, and we should help out with medicine and humanitarian aid only.

The world needs to discuss the problem of gassing and what should be done about it — ostracism, isolation, diplomacy, trial before a World Court, etc.

Mr. President, please save our country from being the policemen of the world. I don’t think you want this war to be known as “Obama’s War.’ You have always been on the side of good, and I want you to be known as the president who gave us health care and the one who brought sanity to our financial system. (On that note, I hate to think what it is costing us to have all those battleships and carriers sitting off the coast of Syria.) God bless you and keep you, Mr. President, and God help us all.

Teresa G. Lyons