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Letter: Support Paid Sick Days

To the Editor:

In following the debate about a bill that would guarantee all Vermont workers the right to paid sick days, I have been disappointed and outraged by the fear, misinformation and the power of the big-business lobby to drown out the voice of the majority of people in Vermont. Most people in Vermont support paid sick days. Why wouldn’t we? Paid sick days guarantee that we can take a day to care for ourselves or our children when we need to, without risking a paycheck or even our jobs. For the 60,000 workers in Vermont who do not have a paid sick days benefit, there is an urgent need to pass this legislation now.

Most people who don’t get paid sick days or make livable wages are women, many of them single mothers. If we are serious about supporting women and gender equity in Vermont, paid sick days should be a guaranteed benefit. If parents could stay home with sick children, there would be less sickness in schools; the same is true for the workplace.

When the majority of people in Vermont support something that would improve life for so many, our Legislature has a responsibility to move it forward. Please contact your legislators and ask them to support this bill.

Liz Blum