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Letter: Popular Opinion About Obamacare

To the Editor:

Linn Harwell’s excellent letter pointing out some of the laudable provisions of Obamacare (“Understanding a Complex Law,” July 25) unfortunately opens with the mantra that the “measure remains unpopular.”

Actually, responses to surveys about the law’s popularity divide into three compartments. A minority wants the act to be repealed. A majority is comprised of two components. One group approves of the law as is. A second group believes it doesn’t go far enough and should one day be replaced (as in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc.) with a single-payer, low-overhead plan that provides universal coverage, like Medicare.

Harland Hoisington



Letter: Understanding a Complex Law

Thursday, July 18, 2013

To the Editor: When discussing the Affordable Care Act, news stories often point out that the measure remains unpopular. If this were true, it’s doubtful Congress would have passed it in 2010. The act is complex. Americans need time to understand and absorb it. Two benefits are in effect now: Insurance companies may not refuse coverage because of pre-existing conditions, …