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Letter: Lack of Character Is Nonpartisan

To the Editor:

Anthony Stimson, as ever even-handed, charges representatives of the American left with “utter lack of character.” He is right, of course; but thank God, there is counsel available — no longer, alas, in the person of “I Am Not a Crook” Nixon, nor “I Was Taking a Nap During Iran-Contra” Reagan. Yet we can be instructed, say, by “I Will Not Engage in Nation-Building” Bush (and his helpers, “Ken Lay of Enron and Red Cavaney of the American Petroleum Institute Are Just the Folks to Help Us With an Energy Policy” Cheney and “Mushroom Cloud” Rice). To keep our morals in place we can appeal to “Family Values With a Wide Stance” Larry Craig or to the irreproachable Sen. David Vitter.

But character issues are not susceptible to partisan judgment. Lack of character exists on both sides of the aisle and in every human quarter on Earth, Mr. Stimson. Your selective disdain betrays you.

Sydney Lea