Letter: Do the Arithmetic

To the Editor:

Having just read Dick Tracy’s letter about “Obama’s Bad Decisions” (Jan. 11), I am moved once again to wonder where the right-wing outrage was when the Bush administration lied us into a war that resulted in nearly 5,000 American deaths and perhaps as many as half a million Iraqi deaths? Where was the indignation when that war, whose failure is now clear as day, went unfunded, so that it has now cost the nation somewhere around $3 trillion? Talk about bad decisions! Closing national parks seems pretty benign, compared, and of course they’d never have been closed at all in the absence of the idiotic sequester enforced by the right.

Go ahead and insist that the wrecked economy is all Obama’s fault if you like, but do the arithmetic.

A truly bad decision seems to be Mr. Tracy’s choice of insurer, whichever it may be. Like him, our family buys its own insurance, and we will be paying almost $5,000 less per annum now than before health-care reform, with a far lower deductible.

Do the arithmetic.

But go ahead, Dick (and like-minded ravers): Complain, say, about Benghazi as the Faux News folks do. Deplore an incident, tragic and deplorable, yes, that killed ... four people. Do the arithmetic.

But maybe you flunked the subject years ago.

Sydney Lea

Newbury, Vt.


Letter: Obama’s Bad Decisions

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