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Letter: Give Where It’s Most Needed

To the Editor:

Your front-page article on Sept. 24 reported that increasingly large donations are being made to Ivy League colleges and other prestigious schools (“College Donations Over $50 Million Proliferate”).

As a Lebanon College trustee, I do not begrudge those gifts, but I am frustrated that the gifts made to Lebanon College are minute in comparison. We keep hearing that community colleges are important, affordable and convenient institutions to help potential students find a path to better their lives. However, the amount these schools receive through donations needs to be increased. Harvard, Dartmouth, Bowdoin and the like collect in 30 minutes what Lebanon College can raise in five years.

Lebanon College is planning a School of Allied Health to meet future community needs. Students studying in the many programs within the health field will be able to gain skills leading to employment in the health field in this community.

If you would like to know more about the college, call 603-448-2445 and ask for Ron Biron, president. He will be happy to talk with you.

Earl Strout

Trustee, Lebanon College



College Donations Over  $50 Million Proliferate

Monday, September 23, 2013

Boston — The number of so-called mega donations to U.S. colleges is rebounding just as Harvard University begins a $6.5 billion capital campaign, the largest in the history of higher education. There have been 16 gifts this year of at least $50 million, twice as many as for all of last year as donors gain confidence amid improving economic conditions, …