Parent Hospitalized After Being Removed From Lyme School

A parent was escorted out of the Lyme School by police yesterday after he allegedly became verbally abusive while speaking with the principal and special education director.

The father of a student entered the school, which is located on Union Street, at 9:30 a.m. yesterday and began speaking with the principal and special education director, Superintendent Mike Harris said. He quickly became upset and angry to the point that Harris, who was already in the school for a meeting, decided to call the police.

Harris said the man, who was unarmed, wasn’t threatening administrators, but was “verbally abusive.”

“It had persisted for 10-plus minutes with no signs of abating. I thought that was enough time to call the police,” Harris said.

The Lyme police arrived and began to escort the father out the building. In the midst of the escort, the man had a “medical incident” and collapsed, Harris said. EMTs were then called to the school.

Harris said he didn’t know the nature of the man’s medical troubles, but said the man was calm and alert and was responding to police officers when he was taken away by medical personnel.

Lyme Police Chief Shaun O’Keefe yesterday declined to give any information about the incident, except to say that the man was taken to the hospital. He would not say whether he had been arrested.

“My policy is that the investigation is ongoing, so I won’t disclose any information at this time,” O’Keefe said.

There were no students present during the incident, and there was no disruption in the school day, Harris said.

He added that at no point were students or teachers in danger, and the only students who knew there had been any type of incident were those who had classrooms facing the front of the school and who could see emergency vehicles outside.

The school did not go into lock-down mode, Harris said, and several of the teachers did not hear details of the incident until a staff meeting after school.

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