Letter: Raise the Journalistic Bar

To the Editor:

Come on, Valley News, raise your bar a little, and use experienced human eyeballs and brainpower to proofread your text. The latest case in point is two errors that wouldn’t sneak through freshman English — and I mean “freshman” as in “high school.” The lead story on page 2 of your Nov. 20 paper has a wacko apostrophe in the call-out: “... It can get ugly at any place — morning, church, you’re mother’s birthday.” A call-out is second only to headlines in prominence, so this is pretty bad.

Just below, in column 2, is this about a man who was subsequently arrested: “Craft turned himself into police.” Whoa — that must have been quite a trick!

A company whose sole product is the written word really should take some pride in the craft of journalism, acknowledge that spell-check software is inadequate, and accept that competent proofreading is necessary for responsible journalism.

Be a role model; set a good example; and don’t contribute to dumbing-down our wonderful language.

Michael Whitman