Letter: It’s Been a Great Run

To the Editor:

After six years of joy, tears and everything in between, it has come down to a three-hour finale this Saturday morning from 9 to noon.

The Sports Buzz radio show on WTSL was never about me; it was about spending Saturday mornings with a local legendary athlete — Rob Woodward — who has more common sense and ability to think outside the box than any person I have ever met.

It was about addressing issues we tend to ignore because sometimes the truth hurts.

There were the hundreds of phone calls from around the world — from lakes, sugarhouses, deer stands, ice shanties, golf courses, and on and on. It was about bringing on local kids and hearing about their journey.

The show was always about you, the listeners. It offered us a unique opportunity to be part of your lives. There wasn’t a Saturday that I woke up not excited to do the show.

It has been a long week answering questions that I don’t have an answer to. I think we all now realize there were so many more listeners than we ever could imagine.

I can honestly say that I have zero regrets about how we presented the show over these past six years. I realize the show was not for everyone. I should have said to them: Just turn the dial.

I will miss the jokes, spelling bee, seeing Woody every week ... but most of all, I will miss you and not knowing who is on the other end of the next phone call to the sound of, “Who is it?”

It was a great run for two knuckleheads who were known for chasing and throwing a white ball, among other things. Thank you for your support and loyalty. This radio group may have shut us down, but you just never know what is around the next corner.

Don’t worry about the horses being blind, just load the wagon.

Woody and I do support everyone’s thoughts. Give us a call on Saturday to voice yours.

Last call — first time I have heard that in this context.

Thanks for the call.

Rich Parker

Sports Buzz



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