Letter: Bring Back the Copy Editor

To the Editor:

I have been called a snob for using “whom” as the object form of “who,” but I don’t really think a family newspaper needs to worry about this. Please, let’s not have more like the following, from the Oct. 29 Valley News, “They found Lewis and Debra Pitts, both of who ... .” Please, bring back the copy editor, whose absence has been long noted! If I didn’t love newspapers, including this one, so much, I wouldn’t bother to point this out.

Thank you all for working hard every day (and night) so that I can catch up on the Upper Valley and the world over breakfast.

Corlan Johnson



Man Pleads Guilty In Robbery Attempt

Monday, October 28, 2013

North Haverhill — A 22-year-old man pleaded guilty on Monday to being an accomplice in an attempted robbery in West Lebanon that authorities say was a fake-bomb scheme to obtain prescription medication. Brian M. Lewis struggled to keep his composure in Grafton Superior Court on Monday as he was sentenced to one to five years in the New Hampshire State …